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Accounting and Business Management

Our experience in the accounting and management fields, is the fruit and flavor acquired after so many years in practice. We have accounting firms across the Province of Ontario, which have gained a lot of respect from professional associates and colleagues. This has strengthened our own behavior, ethics, business conduct, and founded a solid barrier with and an excellent discipline in the manual and computerized accounting field. Taking as a fundamental factor of all the above and guided by a strong professional integrity we are capable in dealing with a vast range and variety of business and professional fields. Accounting records starting from the most simple sole proprietorships or partnerships up to the most complex business or professional business structure, preparing business forecast, business projections, financial and administrative reports, as required either for management, government or financial institutions.

The tail of the experience does not end there, we also provide computer accounting technology training at all levels of accounting, taxation, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory controls, reports of sales, provincial sales taxes (PST), goods and services taxes, (GST), compensation reports (WSIB), and union reports for business that are engaged with local and international unions etc.